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I encourage you to contact me on any questions that you may have. Whether you need information on seasons, available acreage to hunt, flight information, fishing reports, feel free to contact me at any time and I will gladly answer any questions about what's here in North Dakota and at the Prairie Hill Inn.

I discovered North Dakota on a fall hunting vacation in 2002, and instantly I knew that this is where I wanted to live. I moved to North Dakota in April 2004. My personal passion has always been waterfowl watching and hunting since early childhood, and I found North Dakota to be the most perfect of places to be, a place where I have thousands of places to explore, and always be hunting and observing in an area all to my own for the day.

Of course I love the fall, but the other seasons here are also fantastic. The winter sculpted landscape is truly fascinating. Spring in the "prairie and marsh" country brings new life to the prairie the splendor of observing the spring migration, and the return of all the ducks and geese to their nesting ground. The snowy, sculptured landscape turns to beautiful shades of green and gold. Summers are great here with low humidity and generally moderate temperatures, and of course it give one the excellent fishing opportunities that abound in North Dakota. I look forward to showing you the magic of the "Prairie and Pothole Country" in any season!

Jack Wollam
Prairie Hill Inn
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